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​​Force's Pomeranians​​


 White Pomeranians with abundant personality, character, and body structure .

​​ White Pomeranians
 White Pomeranians,
ideally breathtaking!

All White Pomeranian at Force's Pomeranian, we are committed to our clients satisfaction. Click here for more to discover.​

White Pomeranians puppies for sale by breeder, and a variety of many colored Pomeranian. Teddy Bear, White Pomeranian Pups

The Pomeranian Breed
white-pomeranians dogs and puppies.
 Care and Toy Breed Dogs
 All of our puppies are playful, confident, well bred, and socialized. Learn more on our youtube channel
Common Health Concerns
Raw Foods for your puppy
Things to know before Owning a Pomeranian

Breeder of excellence in AKC White Pomeranian dogs, many carrying champion lines;  specializing in rare white Pomeranian Pomeranian puppies. Georgeous white Pomeranian are only produced in our breeding program in the United States.

  1. Pomeranian with Abundant Personality Personalities
    I breed AKC white Pomeranian with exceptional bloodlines, best coats, and foremost the best personalities in puppies.
  2. All our Pomeranian Sires have DNA Profiling
    All of our male stud Pomeranian dogs have dna profiling, and are all AKC registered Pomeranian.
  3. Special Care Package
    I provide a special comfort blanket for your puppy. All puppies are vaccinated with age appropriate vaccinations, worming , and are veterinary health certified We provide a care packet to help you raise your new puppy.
  4. Whole Grain Puppy Food
    Our Pomeranian are fed only the best whole grain holistic puppy food.
  5. Pomeranian Breeders of Excellence
    White Pomeranians bred by breeder of quality Pomeranian in Toy breed. I carry only the best Sires & Dams from recommended AKC Pomeranian breeders.
  6. Quality Pomeranian Puppies
    My Pomeranian puppies are well-bred, socialized, and spoiled with lots of toys to interact with.
  7. Services Puppy nanny
    We can provide puppy nanny service for a flight delivery. I 'am a licensed breeder.
  8. Available Resources to raise a Pomeranian puppy
    See our special resources of puppy & dog care products.

All of my Pomeranian dogs, and puppies are AKC registered. All of my Pomeranian puppies are veterinary health certified. 

( Black and white)Pomeranian puppies, and so many more rare colored Pomeranian.

White Pomeranians for sale with abundant personality, character, and body structure at Force's Pomeranians.

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We breed excellence in Pomeranians according to the American Kennel Club standard.

Breeder of quality
rare white Pomeranians and dogs.