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 White Pomeranians with abundant personality, character, and body structure are part of my foundation.

Force's Pomeranians
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White Pomeranians are rare. My name is Mary Force, and currently living in Le Sueur, Minnesota. I am a master scheduler for a diversified company, and so my  Poms are a heartfelt hobby of mine. I'am a Pomeranian breeder specializing in white Pomeranians, and began researching the breed in 2006. 

White Pomeranians bred by breeders of high quality Pomeranian in Toy dog- breeds.
I provide a Pomeranian puppy Health Guarantee & veterinary Health Certificate, Puppy Crate, and a special care packet.

Pomeranian care & information packet is provided to you with personal  helpful guidance. 

White Pomeranians, AKC Pomeranian puppies & dogs in a variety of color in the US.
I 'am involved with the breed, and am a strong believer in socializing and playin with them at an early age. I'am compassionate about these wonderful little dogs, known as Pomeranian. I have carefully selected each one of our selected Pomeranian pedigree backgrounds, to ensure we have selected only the best sires and dams to carry in our breeding programs.

I breed Black and white Pomeranians, cream, white pomeranians, orange, wolf sable, and parti Poms. ​

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