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​​Force's Pomeranians​​


 White Pomeranians with abundant personality, character, and body structure .

Champion Pomeranian
CH Exotic Holy Spirit Light'ning

My first white Pomeranian, CH Exotic Holy Spirit Light'ning. I had him shown, became a champion, and is now retired. Many of my puppies carry his grand-sires breeding lines CH Stolanne's Lightning Flashes.

White Pomeranian with abundant personality, character, and body structure at Force's Pomeranians. Black and white Pomeranian puppies, and so many more rare colored Pomeranian.​

Force's White Wind
Dances With Thunder
Chula's Sire
Force's White Wind Loki White Pomeranian comes to us from our very own breeding solid white coat color. He is our dream come true! Loki's
 True White Pomeranian coats, and focuses purely on solid whites.

We focus mainly on White Pomeranians, but carry many other colors. ​

 Loki Weighs 4 lbs.

Canada WigglyPaws Dances With Thunder is Jake's sire. & Wiggly Paws White Violet Pomeranian.
 Wolf Sable Pomeranian, Showins Thunderball is his grandfather. 

Barbara's Dancing with Silver is his Great grand-father.

Jake Weighs   4  1/2lbs.

Bai Bor Chiao Li Ya is Chulas white Pomeranian grand-father.
Chula has a nice tiny head, and ice white Pomeranian coat.
Free of any lemon or other colors. He has the most playful attitude, and is a purely white Pomeranian. 

Chula Weighs 4 lbs.

Chomuli Of Chiao Li Ya
Asia White Pomeranian breeders ia a True-white Pomeranians dog.

Force's Dazzling Diamonzs Designer Diamonz HOME
Force's Dazzling Diamonzs Designer grandfather is :
hbpoms Designer gene's.
Diamonz Great-grandfather is:
CH Stolanne's Lightning Flashes.
Diamonz has a beautiful full white coat, good bone , and nice tight tail set.

Diamonz Weighs 5 lbs.
Ch. Finch'sChar'sMakinWavesParti is the  Kodak's sire, a parti factored red sable male Pomeranian. 
Kodak-Finch's Take Your Best Shot Parti  has an outstanding pedigree.
​Ch. Finch'sChar'sMakinWavesParti ​is his sire.

Kodak Weighs 4 lbs.


Force's Lookin For Paparazzi - Chanel
Forces Glistening With Diamonzs Paris
Pruden's Deal Me The Aces
Chanel's grandfather is:
Jan Shar's Pomeranian 24 carat gold 
CH Aljens The Hobbit Thorin is Cream Paparazzi's grandfather.
CH Jan Shars All Dolled Up
​CH Aljens Mnny Pacquiao Of Lennette

​Chanel weighs 4 lbs
Paris's sire is:
Force's Dazzling Diamonzs Designer
Paris's dam is Sweetums, which is now retired.-Sweetums -
On her dams side is:
Dochlaggie Snow Sweetums Dochlaggie Snow Seeker, and Dochlaggie Snow Sorcerer breeding lines.

​Paris weighs 4 lbs
​Charlotte is a parti factored red  Pomeranian with a beautiful mask. Exquisite pedigree background, and a teddy bear Pom.

Pruden's Royal Flush Poker

Chanel 's Sire - Paparazzi
Candice Of Lenette
​Paparazzi has a stunning head set, very short muzzle, and gorgeous coat to match.

Jan Shars Trump Card is his grandfather.

Paparazzi weighs just 5 lbs
Candice Of Lenette Pomeranian Pedigree has the Lenette Pomeranian breeder Lines. Candice Sire is:
CH Aljens The Hobbit Thorin  & Candice's Dam is Aljens Blinky. 

Candice weighs 5 lbs.
Black and Tan Tri Parti 
​Pruden's Royal Flush Poker Pomeranian is a beautiful Tri color Pomeranian thanks to Darlene Pruden. 

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